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VYMAK College, located in Whitefield, Bengaluru, is a notable undergraduate institution affiliated with Bengaluru North University. Nestled in a tranquil, green setting, the campus combines easy access to city amenities with a peaceful environment away from the urban hustle and pollution. The college is dedicated to fostering creativity and intellectual growth while maintaining a strong commitment to academic excellence. It offers a variety of undergraduate courses and aims to develop well-rounded individuals ready for future success.

Our experienced and dedicated faculty prioritizes both teaching and research, holding firm to traditional values. VYMAK College regularly hosts activities that promote creativity and ethical values such as quizzes, debates and sports, enhancing student’s skills and experience in event organization. Furthermore, the college provides numerous opportunities for students to participate in government-led adventure sports, National Cadet Corps (NCC), National Service Scheme (NSS)activities and comprehensive training for various government job selections, cultivating discipline and patriotism among its students. The VYMAK campus is unique as it is coming up with the complete Obstacle Training Area for both UPSC & Non-UPSC exams, a must exam to clear over & above written exam.

Tarun Tej

Hi, my name is Tharun Tej. I am pursuing BCA in Data Science at Vymak Degree College. I find this college fascinating because of their integrated coaching. It is a great opportunity for me to pursue BCA in Data Science along with my UPSC coaching.


Pavan. L

I’m Pavan & have joined in BCA Data Science course with the goal of becoming a software developer. The course offers me integrated UPSC coaching, which will help me prepare for civils as well as defence services. I can focus on my studies, complete my practical projects and continuously learn to achieve my goal with the support of VYMAK.


Uzma Fathima. N

I am Uzma Fathima N. I have chosen BSc in Food Science & Nutrition. I was very confused about which course to take, but then I came to VYMAK. They helped me choose the best course that suits me. Now, I will work hard to become a dietician in the future.


Keerthana. K

This is Keerthana K. I’m joining Vydehi Institutions. I want to become a dietitian or a food inspector, and I found this college to be a good option for achieving my goals, so I chose it.


Prem Dulal

Hi, my name is Prem Dulal. I have completed my 2nd PUC from Vaishnavi College. Now I have joined VYMAK Degree College to pursue BCA in Data Science. The most interesting aspect of the college is the integrated coaching offered alongside the BCA courses. I am very grateful to the college. My future is now safe.


Sanchita Chatterjee

Hello, my name is Sanchita Chatterjee. I chose VYMAK Degree College after careful consideration for its exceptional academic programs, vibrant campus community and integrated UPSC coaching. The institute’s reputation for excellence in Food and Nutrition greatly appealed to me.



Why not me? I was always an average student, but I really wanted to prove myself, so I set UPSC as my target. I have always admired Civil and Defence services and was greatly motivated by Major Ushasree ma’am.


Nikhil kumar R

I am Nikhil Kumar R from Bhaktharahalli, Hoskote Taluk. I am 18 years old and have completed my 12th standard with distinction at Mahadeva PU College. I look forward to being a part of VYMAK Degree College. I am interested in Civil Services and competitive exams.


Programs Offered

Explore unparalleled academic horizons where specialized UPSC coaching seamlessly integrates with degree studies.  Embark on a transformative journey tailored for tomorrow’s leaders in defence & civil services – a pioneering institution for visionary education


Business Administration is a vital field that serves the backbone of both major corporations and independent businesses.


B.Com is an undergraduate degree designed to develop persistence, determination, intellectual prowess.


B.Sc is an esteemed undergraduate degree offering flexible pathways to employment and advanced studies.

Allied Health Sciences

B.Sc program in Allied Health Sciences offers specialized streams in Cardiac Care, Anesthesia, Medical Laboratory Technology.


BCA is a comprehensive degree General stream covers programming, equipping students for various Tech roles.


Physiotherapy is a dynamic and essential field within healthcare that focuses on enhancing and restoring physical function and mobility.

Programs Offered

Diverse programs meet evolving student needs. Dive in and gain the knowledge & skills for the present and the future world.

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VYMAK equips aspiring bureaucrats & comissioned officers with unparalleled academic & preparatory experiences, ensuring a seamless integration of degree studies with focussed UPSC training.  Our expert faculty, advanced learning facilities & personalised mentoring are tailored to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.

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Unlock unmatched opportunities at VYMAK, the first-ever institution integrating elite UPSC training with degree education.  Choose a distinguished path as a Bureaucrat or a  commissioned officer right after your 10+2.  Step forward where your ambitions meet success




Life at VYMAK

Campus Life

At VYMAK, dynamic growth and real results await.  Engage in every semester internships, specialized UPSC coaching, NCC, NSS and health training.  Enjoy thrilling adventure sports, cultural events and soft skills development in our serene, eco-conscious setting.  Our unique obstacle course is a key resource for UPSC defence service aspirants.


Step into the VYMAK library, your hub for academic exploration and success.  Stocked with an extensive range of resources – from degree specific texts and UPSC preparation materials to English novels and current affairs magazines.  Plus, enjoy seamless e-access to various books, all within our resource-rich, inspiring environment.


VYMAK NCC Wing, open to all students, instills discipline and responsibility, preparing cadets to be conscientious citizens. Our NSS program complements this by promoting community engagement and volunteerism, crafting well -rounded individuals ready to lead and inspire.

Sports & Games

VYMAK’s diverse sports facilities foster teamwork and balance, crucial for both personal growth and competitive exam success.  Dive into activities that complement our unique integrated curriculum, promoting both physical and academic excellence.

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